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Sizzle Reel

A sampling of segments filmed for ErwinCooks in PBS's Studio Kitchen, The Finger Lakes, NY and Europe.

Erwin's Emmy®

Über Chef Erwin wins an EMMY®...not bad for the first time out... 

Riesling: Finger Lakes, New York

 Erwin discusses Rieslings with Oskar from the Wiemer Vineyards of the Finger Lakes, NY. This is one of the oldest wine regions in the US.

Leberwurst Pâté

Liver isn't for everyone but I love it. It's inexpensive but if you treat it right it has a rich, luxurious taste. Spread this creamy creation over a great piece of bread and kids will eat it up. Not many foods are worthy of the title "Superfood"; liver is certainly one of them. It's one of the most nutrient-dense foods around, rich in protein, low in calories and packed with vitamins and minerals. It's time to rediscover the wonders of Liver.

Sazlburg marionette theater

Imagination..."You can bring everybody to fantasy, to dream, to go into a place...It's not only for children, even more sometimes for grown-ups." - Barbara Hueberger, Salzburg Marionetten Theater

Episode 1

In Episode #1 Chef Erwin deconstructs the iconic Wiener Schnitzel (with the secret to making it perfect every time), goes deep into the Potato (Cucumber/Potato Salad, Parsley Potatoes with a butter glaze), discusses Riesling with one of America's top Vintners, and travels to the Alps to cook another version of Schnitzel.

Broadcast Premiere at PBS39


Erwin explains Lagers, a classic style of Beer.

Schröttner's Goulash

One of Erwin's favorite dishes: his grandmother's Goulash! From the proper cut of meat to its the traditional side of "Spätzle", Erwin shows us how to make this easy, great-tasting, and inexpensive main course.